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This product is made from redwood softwood and each item are very strong unlike other mass produced gates. our gates have 2 cross member, 1 diagonal support to prevent the gate from dropping on the unhinged side. The gaps between the slats will vary depending on the width of the gate required. Maximum gap size would be 40mm. We recommend that you apply suitable preservative to the gate to protect it. 

Each product is handmade to order therefore we are able to make any size gate up to 1 metres tall x 80cm wide.  *other sizes may be available on request. 

For measuring we recommend that you measure the opening at the top & bottom as this width can usually vary, take the smallest size and allow for clearance gaps either side. When we are making and fitting a gate we usually take the smallest measurement -15mm to allow for the clearance gaps either side however this is just a guide and we cannot be held responsible for measuring, we just make the item to the specified size

Softwood garden gates *custom sizes available*

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